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Start with the rump? That’s usually where I get off.

h/t Everything is Terrible

ah hell, as long as I’m raiding their weblog:

Love the comment from youtuber singinglawnchair: “This sounds like if Kenny Loggins acquired a DUI on his record and had to write this song for community service”


We run a classy Web Log

So, I don’t want to insult our readers.  All 3 of them are really nice.  But I have to mention this.  As Webmasters of this blog (and the universe and Spiderman) we are privy to the google searches that have led people to this blog.  Eighty percent of said searches have been some variation of “yellow teeth mom secrets” landing them here.  But lately, there have been some other, more disturbing searches.  I made a herpes joke here.  I suppose it was only a matter of time before that led to us receiving a page view from the Most Awesome Search Ever:

“mild case of herpes”

I sure hope that qualifier is warranted my friend.  Good luck, and Godspeed.


So there WAS a topless coffeshop in Maine.  Great!  But then it burned down.  Bummer. 

I imagine this is how it went down:

stolen from internet barista


Barista 1: Hey, isn’t this topless coffeeshop the best idea ever?  Look at all the customers who have come to drink coffee and look at our gazoongas.

Barista 2: Yeah I guess.

Barista 1: What’s wrong?  You don’t seem to be putting a lot of energy into foaming cappucinos and spinning your nipple tassels

Barista 2: Well… look, I think a topless coffeeshop is a great idea… but in Maine?  I’m freezing my, well these off *points to boobs*

Barista 1: That’s true, my nipples are hard enough to break ice.

Customer: Can I get an iced coffee?

Barista 1: What if we started a fire?  You know, to warm this place up?

Barista 2: That’s a great idea!

Customer: No it is not. *exits store hurriedly*

Barista 1: *starts fire, burns coffee shop to ground*

Barista 2: Uh oh, I think we’re in a whole “latte” trouble!

Barista 1: HaHaHa!

Barista 2: HaHaHa!

*Barista 1 and 2 make out*

Who has two thumbs (one in working order, the other jammed all to heck) and is taking a 15 hour overnight bus ride to Las Vegas tomorrow?  This guy:

Microsoft Paint arrow indicating spaceman, not female Mario

Microsoft Paint arrow indicating spaceman, not female Mario

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1.Stop drinking coffee

2. Brush your teeth

You owe me ten dollars