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ONE: Contextual Advertising.  How could it go wrong? I guess, hypothetically, adding a police recruitment tag to a video of a cop kicking a teenage girl.

TWO: Ok, as someone who recently purchased a pair of tight, bright-red levis and clear lens way-farers, I can confidently confirm that this article correctly predicts future hipster trends.  Or not, whatever, I could care, right? (h/t the super sweet Stuff Hipsters Hate.  I love Tumblrs [Tumbls?])

THREE: Finally. Yacht Rock. Yes.

Kenny Loggins, you get in the fucking back of the group.  This is my picture.

Kenny Loggins, you get in the fucking back of the group. This is my picture.


Start with the rump? That’s usually where I get off.

h/t Everything is Terrible

ah hell, as long as I’m raiding their weblog:

Love the comment from youtuber singinglawnchair: “This sounds like if Kenny Loggins acquired a DUI on his record and had to write this song for community service”


New shirt idea:

Three Meme Shirt Moon

Three Meme Shirt Moon

they’re still “processing” my tshirt order
i imagine “processing” like when something bad happens to someone and they seem really jaded and you ask them what’s up and they say “oh i’m just trying to process everything that just happened”
so there’s some lady sitting there “trying to process” that i want this shirt
and eventually she’s going to come to grips with it
and send me the shirt
probably with piano music playing
as she walks away from the post office
having symbolically “let it go”
give her time ben
give her time
she’ll come around
but i can’t wait forever you know?
eventually i’m going to have to find a new shirt
you gotta live your life man….
w/o all these strings attached
you should email the company and say “just breathe”
or “look, i realize you have a lot to work through right now, and i’d love to be supportive but i’m just not in a place where i can be that for you right now, so while it pains me to be demanding i’d very much like it if you could just take the time to send me my shirt and work out your issues later. i wish you the best, i really do, but as i said, i just need that shirt.”
ctrl c
ctrl v

Headline Shirts: Can I have my shirt now?