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From today’s David Brooks column in the NYT:

When you look from today back to 1945, you are looking into a different cultural epoch, across a sort of narcissism line. Humility, the sense that nobody is that different from anybody else, was a large part of the culture then.

Yeah, it was nice the way people in the ’40s thought nobody was different from anybody else, and everybody could go to whatever school they wanted to, or drink from whatever fountain they wanted to.  Good times!

The moral of the column is: back then we were modest and focused on humanity as a whole, whereas now we are selfish, or at least self-promoting and self-indulgent, even though back in the WWII era we actually had more to crow about.

Oh. And his examples of those humble 1940s people: Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Dwight Eisenhower

Our modern selfish culture-destroyers: Muhammad Ali, Kanye West, “football players”

Some humble folk affirming their shared belief that nobody is different from anyone else

Some humble folk affirming their shared belief that nobody is different


The only thing better than wasting time reading various newspaper and magazine articles and op-eds on the internet? Reading funny and pointed commentary that snarkily tears apart those articles and op-eds. It took me awhile, but I think I’m starting to get into, even though I generally dislike heavy use of internet-ese (exclamation points, FULLCAPS, and other forms of over-exaggerated emphasis! Ironic use of nerd slang and meme references!!1!) Everything in moderation.


Best Movie Review Ever?

Possibly.  It may be trendy to hate Transformers 2, but this is hilarious.

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by Angrymice, via Joshuah Bearman via Lisanti Quarterly

 Why I’m not worried about Swine Flu.

Yet, anyway.

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