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ONE: Contextual Advertising.  How could it go wrong? I guess, hypothetically, adding a police recruitment tag to a video of a cop kicking a teenage girl.

TWO: Ok, as someone who recently purchased a pair of tight, bright-red levis and clear lens way-farers, I can confidently confirm that this article correctly predicts future hipster trends.  Or not, whatever, I could care, right? (h/t the super sweet Stuff Hipsters Hate.  I love Tumblrs [Tumbls?])

THREE: Finally. Yacht Rock. Yes.

Kenny Loggins, you get in the fucking back of the group.  This is my picture.

Kenny Loggins, you get in the fucking back of the group. This is my picture.



New shirt idea:

Three Meme Shirt Moon

Three Meme Shirt Moon

Following up on today’s theme, here is a great time-waster:

Awful Library Books

The blog “is a collection of the worst library holdings. The items featured here are so old, obsolete, awful or just plain stupid that we are horrified that people might be . . . depending on the information.”

I don’t depend on information from my grandparents for those same reasons.  (J/K I LOVE MY GRANDPARENTS)

h/t The Boston Sports Guy

Hot off the success of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” Editor Jason Rekulak has amalgamated a new smash mash-up: “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.”  Here is the awesome trailer:

Money quote from Rekulak interview: “Well, our monster-to-Austen ratio is higher than in the last book, about 60-40 (that’s 60 Austen, 40 me). That’s proportionally more monsters, swordfights, and submarines.”

This naturally led us to ask, what other literary masterpieces will undergo a re-working?  Rekulak was kind enough to send along a few pages from his new (old) projects.

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1) The saga of Bloodninja…


2) Man, first the kids with their sexting and now this?  I really juussst missed an awesome time to grow up.

Whatever, today’s 14 year olds just masturbate to whatever internet porn they can find.  There’s no skill in that.  In my day, there was an art to timing things jusssst right with the programming on MTV.  Hot dancing girls? Get ready! Cut away to a sweaty Alex Van Halen? Yikes, hold up or else you’re gay.


3) Some Band named “Lunar Sway” is playing in San Francisco on July 21.  Supposedly they are really good, but I’ve never heard/befriended/drank with them before, so I can’t say for sure.

Go to this concert

Go to this concert

Oh man.

I don’t know if I should even tell you guys about this. (You guys totally already know, don’t you?)  It is too efficient and marvelous a time-waster.  You could end up trapped there like Coach Gordon Bombay in Freejack

Ok, you were warned.  Here it is:  The Daily What

It is an awesome collection of fun things, created by the internet, to put your eyeballs on.  Don’t believe me? Check it:


I like this more than I should…

And punched myself in the face for every connection this chart missed (No Jubilee one-sided infatuation with wolverine? *punch*)



We run a classy Web Log

The only thing better than wasting time reading various newspaper and magazine articles and op-eds on the internet? Reading funny and pointed commentary that snarkily tears apart those articles and op-eds. It took me awhile, but I think I’m starting to get into, even though I generally dislike heavy use of internet-ese (exclamation points, FULLCAPS, and other forms of over-exaggerated emphasis! Ironic use of nerd slang and meme references!!1!) Everything in moderation.