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ONE: Contextual Advertising.  How could it go wrong? I guess, hypothetically, adding a police recruitment tag to a video of a cop kicking a teenage girl.

TWO: Ok, as someone who recently purchased a pair of tight, bright-red levis and clear lens way-farers, I can confidently confirm that this article correctly predicts future hipster trends.  Or not, whatever, I could care, right? (h/t the super sweet Stuff Hipsters Hate.  I love Tumblrs [Tumbls?])

THREE: Finally. Yacht Rock. Yes.

Kenny Loggins, you get in the fucking back of the group.  This is my picture.

Kenny Loggins, you get in the fucking back of the group. This is my picture.


We run a classy Web Log

I just left an elevator in a big important company building. They had a flat screen tv in the elevator. One side of the screen was recapping the Washington D.C. train tragedy. The other side of the screen was showing a trailer for “The Taking of Pelham 123” a movie about a group of criminals that hijack a subway train with the intention of crashing it.


So, I don’t want to insult our readers.  All 3 of them are really nice.  But I have to mention this.  As Webmasters of this blog (and the universe and Spiderman) we are privy to the google searches that have led people to this blog.  Eighty percent of said searches have been some variation of “yellow teeth mom secrets” landing them here.  But lately, there have been some other, more disturbing searches.  I made a herpes joke here.  I suppose it was only a matter of time before that led to us receiving a page view from the Most Awesome Search Ever:

“mild case of herpes”

I sure hope that qualifier is warranted my friend.  Good luck, and Godspeed.

Why is Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine our new favorite engine?  Because when you google “danger 2012” we are the SECOND result.  Ah, but if you Bing (Microsoft wants desperately for you to verbify this) “danger 2012” we are results ONE and two.

Also, Bing found this fun site that teaches you how to survive this blog.  (Expert’s Tip: Just be super rad.)

*This post written on my Zune*

1.Stop drinking coffee

2. Brush your teeth

You owe me ten dollars