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I know this is an ipod, shut up

So I finally decided to join the cool kids and get an iphone.  Why?  Because the sweet new 3Gs is out?  Heck no, I got it because they knocked the price of a regular old 8-GB 3G iphone to 100 bones.  That makes me: 1) cheap, 2) the definition of a “late adopter.”  The reasoning is akin to someone deciding in 1984: “I’m not spending a fortune to go see Air Supply Live in Hawaii, I’ll wait for a later, cheaper, more local show.”  It’s like, yeah, you still get to see Air Supply, but your buddies totally already saw Air Supply first and were the first to try all the sweet Air Supply Applications.

I’m a poor analogizer.  But I’m not here to talk about Air Supply anyway.  (Ed. Note: Yes he is.)  I’m here to talk about the iphone, specifically about a new application that caught my eye.

The i-vibrator.  Actually, its called MyVibe.  But, yeah, it turns your iphone into a vibrator.  Read ALLLLL about it, including product review, here.  It’s free.  And while like any first-gen software, it’s not quite there yet, its future iterations are probably going to put most men out of business (Not Keith Sweat).  In fact, the main complaint (not enough vibrating power to, uh, finish the job), as well as the main sticking point I see (wait, put my $400 [$100] smartphone where?) seems like it could be readily solved by a handy bluetooth device.  So yeah, you know how we all smirk and smugly go about our highly skilled business whenever we read about how robots are taking jobs from car manufacturers or breakdancers?  Well wipe that grin off your face, robots are now taking our women-pleasuring duties.

There a bunch of new iphone apps coming that will take advantage of the new software, but this one is the best/worst.  Another good one lets you “ping” your iphone if its lost, so you can track it down.  In other words, now if you misplace your phone/vibrator, you no longer have to be “all out of love” or “so lost without” it. 


If you don’t think this entire blog post was an excuse to make that awful joke, you are incorrect.


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  1. Let’s not overlook the all too popular “iBrate” app.

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