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So there WAS a topless coffeshop in Maine.  Great!  But then it burned down.  Bummer. 

I imagine this is how it went down:

stolen from internet barista


Barista 1: Hey, isn’t this topless coffeeshop the best idea ever?  Look at all the customers who have come to drink coffee and look at our gazoongas.

Barista 2: Yeah I guess.

Barista 1: What’s wrong?  You don’t seem to be putting a lot of energy into foaming cappucinos and spinning your nipple tassels

Barista 2: Well… look, I think a topless coffeeshop is a great idea… but in Maine?  I’m freezing my, well these off *points to boobs*

Barista 1: That’s true, my nipples are hard enough to break ice.

Customer: Can I get an iced coffee?

Barista 1: What if we started a fire?  You know, to warm this place up?

Barista 2: That’s a great idea!

Customer: No it is not. *exits store hurriedly*

Barista 1: *starts fire, burns coffee shop to ground*

Barista 2: Uh oh, I think we’re in a whole “latte” trouble!

Barista 1: HaHaHa!

Barista 2: HaHaHa!

*Barista 1 and 2 make out*


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