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So if you don’t like these half-jokes, you can F off.

Uninformed Review: Lord of the Flies.

This is a book about the largest fly in existence, Gauromydas herosBecause it is so large, it can be considered the “King” of all the Flies, hence the title.  This is a picture of some other type of fly that I stole from this blog about Africa Science


Hey, you don’t think that is clever?  Well you can F’ing die.

In other news, I still love Star Trek.  But if you don’t, and yet you find yourself watching an unidentified Star Trek Movie, here is a handy guide I stole from the internet and am lazily reposting without permission:



And if you don’t like Star Trek?  That’s right, F you in your stupid face.

I’m not really angry today.  Just tired.  I saw a bunch of cute girls on the bus today though.  Here is a tip if you are in SF on a weekday.  In the morning, take the 1, or any other bus/train heading for the financial district.  Or just hang out in the district I guess.  A lot of cute 20-somethings dressed to the nines for their big girl jobs. 

Wow, that sounded pretty sexist.

Oh well, good thing my girlfriend doesn’t read this blog HAHAHA…damnit.

(a tribute to Al Landberg)


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