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1. Which STD are you?


            You are HERPES.

You have an infectious personality!  You tend to disappear every once in awhile, but you never truly go away.  You aren’t shy about making new friends, even if they aren’t expecting you because Tiffany didn’t seem like the kind of person who would do that to a guy.  Bitch.


2. Which Genocide are you?


            You are RWANDAN GENOCIDE.

You’re quite the cut up!  Literally!  You are stubborn and stick to your guns, or whatever other weaponry you can locate that will most effectively dispatch the neighbors and coworkers with whom you coexisted for 30 years.


3. Which desperate plea for attention are you?


            You are TAKING FACEBOOK QUIZZES.

You can’t stand the idea that one of your friends might not be aware that, of all the characters from “Friends,” you are most like Rachel.  You live an unfulfilling life, broken only by the brief but ecstatic moments when someone electronically acknowledges your existence as a human being by “liking” your quiz result.  Cheer up! At least you are one step above the idiots who waste even more time by parodying your behaivor on an unread blog.


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