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Tylt33: so

Tylt33: i was furthering your research

Tylt33: and I have determined that although the chodes in northern california are less apparent

Tylt33: they are still here and probably in equivalent percentages

Tylt33: they just dont grow as big up north

bboy28980: hahaha

Tylt33: instead of Tapout stickers

Tylt33: they have cowboy hats

Tylt33: and rice mobiles

bboy28980: i think it’s correlated to the percentage of C and larger fake breasts in the immediate vicinity

bboy28980: also northern california lacks constant sunshine, which probably hides the chode’s “chodiness”
somewhat as he’s unable to maintain a tan year-round

Tylt33: maybe the size of the chode depends on the average breast size of the local female?

bboy28980: i think it’s twofold

bboy28980: the chode definately grows more massive as the average breast size increases

bboy28980: however there is a minimum number of chodes per fake-breasted woman ratio

bboy28980: so neccessarily the overall number of chodes has to increase to compensate as well

bboy28980: it’s all part of the delicate balance in the lifecycle of the chode

Tylt33: what are you naming your theory?

Tylt33: “Chode Theory” ?

Tylt33: “Lifecycle of the Chode”?

Tylt33: “A Study in Chode” ?

bboy28980: well, I’m not sure if we’ll ever really understand the Chode

Tylt33: “Chode Reflections” ?

bboy28980: as it exists in nature

Tylt33: “Chode: Legends & Theory Craft”?

bboy28980: but my current study is titled “lifecycle and habits of the greater californian chode”

bboy28980: however i plan to eventually consolidate my studies into a more definitive resource on chodian
biology and psychology

bboy28980: much of which i expect will apply outside of california to chodes nation, and possibly even world

bboy28980: ultimately helping future generations of chode researches

bboy28980: with the ultimate goal of one day understanding the chode

Tylt33: and eradicating it

bboy28980: probably not in our lifetime

bboy28980: but some day

bboy28980: yes

bboy28980: one way or another

bboy28980: fully eliminating the chode species, never to return

bboy28980: the big question of course is, is chodism genetic? or learned?

Tylt33: nature versus nurture

bboy28980: exactly

bboy28980: eradicating the chode is one thing, but is it possible that there’s a hidden chode gene which may be
skipping generations? or worse yet, that there’s people out there who are influencing chodism to become what it
is today?

bboy28980: sinister

bboy28980: which begs an important philosophical distinction: if one influences another to chodism, are they
themselves not a chode?

Tylt33: but

Tylt33: i think there is even a more pressing question we must answer

Tylt33: one that shakes the foundation of life as we know it

Tylt33: are the fake breast and chode linked, and if we eliminate one, will we eliminate the other?

Tylt33: can the fake breast survive with a sudden and catastrophic decrease in number of chodes?

bboy28980: a horrifying thought indeed

bboy28980: that something so good could exist only because of something so heinous

Tylt33: a symbiotic relationship of diabolic proportions


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