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Tom: “Well gang, here’s the campsite!”

Jane: “Great job Tom! For a second there, The Prodigy and I thought we were going to get lost in the woods, haha!”

The Prodigy: *mumbles incoherently*

Charles: *pointedly ignoring The Prodigy*  “Its starting to get dark, how about we start a campfire?”

[The Prodigy’s eyes widen in excitement]

Jane: “Great idea!”

Tom: “I’ve brought marshmallows and chocolate!  If the Prodigy remembered to bring graham crackers, we should be all set!” *Opens The Prodigy’s backpack* “There are no crackers here, just ecstasy pills.”

Jane: “Charles, you want to do the campfire honors?”

The Prodigy: *whispering* “Nooooo…”

Charles: “Sure! I mean, unless anyone else wants to start this campfire?”

The Prodigy: *softly* “Me. I do”

Charles: “Well, I’ll do it, I’ve already got the matches.”

The Prodigy: “NO. ME.”

Tom: “Oh The Prodigy, let Charles do it this once.”

The Prodigy: “IT’S MY TURN! IT’S MY JOB!”

Charles: “Settle down, The Prodigy, I’m lighting this fire and that’s that.”

The Prodigy: “I’M THE FIRESTARTER!!!”

Jane: “My word The Prodigy! Just relax!”

[The Prodigy slaps Jane in the face]

Charles: “Did you just smack up Jane?”

The Prodigy: “No….. Yes.”

Tom: “Well that tears it.  Pack your things, Jane, we’re going home.”

The Prodigy: “Wait, I’m sorry!”

Jane: “It’s too late, you’ve ruined all the fun.”

[Jane and Tom leave]

Charles: “Look what you’ve done.  I’m leaving as well.”

The Prodigy: *sniff* “Don’t go Charly.”

Charles: “Don’t cry, you’ve brought this on yourself. Now get it together”

The Prodigy: *Exhale….. Exhale…….*


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