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Monthly Archives: April 2009

No Uninformed Review this week on account of (1) I’m traveling tomorrow and (2) No one reads this blog




Tom: “Well gang, here’s the campsite!”

Jane: “Great job Tom! For a second there, The Prodigy and I thought we were going to get lost in the woods, haha!”

The Prodigy: *mumbles incoherently*

Charles: *pointedly ignoring The Prodigy*  “Its starting to get dark, how about we start a campfire?”

[The Prodigy’s eyes widen in excitement]

Jane: “Great idea!”

Tom: “I’ve brought marshmallows and chocolate!  If the Prodigy remembered to bring graham crackers, we should be all set!” *Opens The Prodigy’s backpack* “There are no crackers here, just ecstasy pills.”

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fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Go outside.


Or, scroll down to your language settings at the bottom left of the page and change it from “English (US)” to “English (Pirate)”

 Why I’m not worried about Swine Flu.

Yet, anyway.

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The consistently awesome and helpful My Open Bar (.com) just sent me an e-mail to tell me they are closing down the San Francisco list, due to the recession (and, I imagine, its hard to make money when your business model is telling people to swarm art shows and drink up their free wine).  But seriously, this site came through in providing a nightly guide to the cheapest/free-est booze in the City and I am sad to see it go.  It still operates for LA (and New York, Chicago, and Honolulu – who cares) at

Mixed emotions? On the one hand I have to scavenge free booze using only my intuition.  On the other hand I’m no longer the guy on an e-mail list catering exclusively to those who order their lives around which crappy bar is serving pbr for under a dollar.


1. Sweden



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1. To be taller.

2. To be a baller.

3. A girl who looked good (he would call her)

Dear Blog,

This past weekend I snuck into Chico to ride my bike.  While there I stopped in at ChicoFest, an event put on by Sierra Nevada at the brewery.  It featured cool beers and hot bands. HA.  But seriously, it was rad.  I’ll post more later when I’m not trying to finish work and go home, but for now:

I’m back!  I don’t really have too much more to say.  The day was warm, the little field area where it was held (right behind the new parking lot) was cool, it looked like they had just put down sod.  Its a great venue for bar-b-ques, etc., hopefully they’ll have moe events there in the summer.

They had a “ChicoFest Ale” that tasted like an intermediate step between Pale Ale and the ESB.  I’m guessing it was probably Pale Ale made with their own hops…and I’m sure this could be easily found out, but I’m too lazy to check.

I will say, there was a band from Portland there, March Fourth, they were cool.  Check them out here. They are a crazy Marching Band, which, as it turns out, is the perfect thing to listen to while drinking beer and sitting on the grass.

I don’t know when I’m going to chico next, but Al will be there July 4-12, maybe we should have a mini vacation in the hometown.  We can go to Bear hole, throw frisbees, and spend $27 on drinks for the week.

Step One: Go to ESPN:

Step Two: Enter the old Konami Code (Up-Up, Down-Down, Left-Right, Left-Right, B-A)

Step Three: Enjoy

Can you spot the differences?



Post Code:


*UPDATE* Code no longer works.  And some programmer at ESPN probably endured a sternly worded talking to.

*UPDATE* But it does on this cached version!

Thanks !